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Ms. Ashley Offutt

The New Professional Award is presented to professionals with 1- 5 years experience in higher education who (are actively) involved in KABHE for two years; demonstrating service to the profession; possessing outstanding character; and are potential role models for other new professionals in higher education. Members of KABHE are nominated by individuals (including non-members) and should include specific information identifying the individual’s title, role and service in higher education, demonstrated leadership activities and qualities that would deem them suitable for this award.

The New Professional Award is for individuals who are serving in higher education administration as an administrator, professional staff or in other teaching roles (non-faculty).

Nominations are open to the general membership. Selections are made by the KABHE Vice President and Regional Representatives and presented at the Annual Conference.


The President's Award is presented by the President of KABHE in recognition of  outstanding devotion and service to the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education. This award is selected by the KABHE President and presented during the Annual Conference.


Ms. Marlisa Austin

Jefferson Community & Technical College


Dr. Wardell Johnson

Eastern Kentucky University

This award is presented as a tribute to the late Dr. Joseph McMillan to honor his legacy as co-founder of the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education and for his outstanding leadership, service, research and teaching. The award will be given to a current tenure-track faculty member in Kentucky, who is a member of the association and has a demonstrated record of scholarly research, service and teaching.  The award will be presented to salute and highlight the state’s top talents in academia.


To nominate candidates, send the names and background information of any outstanding, high-achieving, award-winning, path-paving and/or highly regarded academic that is currently serving as a full-time teaching faculty member in a post-secondary institution in Kentucky who are active members in KABHE for at least two years. Include information on research, service and teaching to support your nomination. This award is selected by the KABHE Executive Board and presented during the Annual Conference.

The Wendell Thomas Award is presented in recognition of an individual's endeavors to promote the cause of diversity and inclusion in higher education and for his/her commitment to promoting equal opportunity. The award is selected by the KABHE Executive Board and presented during the Annual Conference.


Representative Reginald Meeks
House District 42
Kentucky Legislature

The KABHE William C. Parker Scholarship Committee will award two merit based scholarships of $500 each to celebrate achievement and community service for the current academic year. Student recipients will receive one-year free Student Membership and are afforded access to all membership materials and information.

Student applicants must be attending a college or university in the Region hosting the Annual conference to be given consideration for the scholarship.

To be considered, the William C. Parker Scholarship Application must include:

  1. Nomination Form to be completed by a KABHE member in the Annual Conference Region from a participating regional school.
  2. Student Application attending post secondary school in the Annual Conference Region.
  3. One copy of Student’s official transcript from current college or university.

This is an award established for students who are traditionally under-represented in academic or institutional programs as it relates to the goal of increasing diversity. Such as first generation college students, students from impoverished families, and/or students with a history of overcoming adversity.

Dr. Kimberly Merritt Scholar


Omar Salinas

Eastern Kentucky University

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