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KABHE 36th Annual Conference

“Staying Focused During Challenging Times”

Wednesday, April 10

12:00pm                                 Executive Board meeting

3:00pm                              Conference Prep

Thursday, April 11

4:00pm                                   Registration 

5:30pm                                   Welcome Reception and Greetings
                                               Dr. Kevin Cosby, President – Simmons College of Kentucky

                                               Dr.  Evelyn Ellis - President KABHE

6:30pm                                   Community Forum                                               

“How can we support students through the secondary and higher education pipeline”

Panel:  Dr. Wayne Lewis, Jr., Commissioner of Education-Kentucky Department of Education; Dr. Telly Sellars, Dean of Technical Education - Jefferson Community and Technical College; Raoul Cunningham, President-Kentucky NAACP, Diane Porter, Chair – Jefferson County Board of Education

Moderator:  Dr. Ralph Fitzpatrick, Sr., Vice President for Community Engagement University of Louisville

Friday, April 12

8:30am                                Registration and continental breakfast

9:00am                                Opening Plenary Session

9:45am – 10:00am              Break

10:00am - 11:00am             Concurrent Session I 

  • Putting the “Community” in Community College: The 15K-Jefferson-Rise Together Initiative The 15,000 Degrees-Jefferson Rise Together Initiative focuses on the enrollment, persistence, and graduation of African American students in Metro Louisville from 5 of the most socioeconomically-challenged neighborhoods called, Zones of Hope neighborhoods. Students participating in this initiative are supported through a Jefferson mentor and an external mentor, enrichment trips and activities, monthly coaching, service learning opportunities, access to a Persistence and Graduation Fund to address financial barriers, FYE 105 Zones of Hope Learning Community and GEN 140 Black Student Leadership class, preferred employment in the Multicultural Center, and academic support services

    Danielle Sims Brooks, 
    Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement
    Savvy Shabazz, Assistant Director
    Student Success and Community Engagement


  • Grit Stories: Words of Wisdom on the Path of Leadership—Barriers, Resilience, and Success

    The presentation offers administrative, faculty, and staff leaders an opportunity to share their leadership stories. Intended to encourage, leaders may speak of particular lessons learnt, they may share insights and impacts of personal mentorship, transformation and leader development. This session explores how individuals built their leadership skills and leveraged them for success in their institution and community. In doing so, leaders hope to encourage others through their storytelling; as well as help others understand the requirements, pathways and benefits of taking on a leadership role in different settings.

    Dr. Reneau Waggoner, Ed.D., Provost, Henderson Community College
    Leonard Thomas, Assistant Professor, Jefferson Community & Technical College

    Marlisa Austin, Professor, Jefferson Community & Technical College

    Tiffany Jones-Coleman, Manager, Workforce Solutions,
    Jefferson Community & Technical College
    Robin Harrington, MSSW, CSW, Assistant Professor/Program Chair - Human Services, Ivy Tech Community College
  • Against the Odds: Remaining Focused during Challenging Times, Diary of an African American Intelligent Male, and At-Risk First-Generation Graduate 

    When interacting with the dominant culture at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs), African American men select to endorse certain communication strategies. As a result, communication theories disclose the necessity for Co-cultural groups to co-exist within (PWIs). This session will offer participants examples of three primary outcomes and supplement with three communication strategies.

    Dr. Tony Sweat, Berea College

  • Taking care of your mental health in these challenging times

    This session will focus on the impact of stressful societal events and experiences on our mental health.  Strategies to cope with stress and anxiety will be discussed. Information regarding a new community program to promote brain health will also be presented.

    Aneshia Gray, MPH, CPH, Sr. Program Assistant | AARP Kentucky
    Mary Malone, BSN, MA, MSN, B.Th.
    , Professor of Nursing, Jefferson Community College


11:00am – 12:00pm           Concurrent Session II

  • Let's Talk: Black Teachers of English in South Korea

    The purpose of this presentation is to: 1) promote opportunities for underrepresented minorities, particularly Blacks, who are seeking or have a curiosity of what life is like teaching and living in South Korea, and 2) provide a qualitative analysis of what life is like in South Korea for some Black teachers. This presentation is meant to bring forth awareness of some Black teachers' experiences outside of the U.S. context and encourage the need for more Black teachers to gain teaching experience as global educators." 

    Dr. Quanisha Charles, Assistant Professor, Jefferson Community & Technical College
  • Strategies for Increasing Success for Diverse Students at Kentucky's Postsecondary Institutions

    A diverse and well-trained workforce is critical to ensure businesses can attract and retain top talent.  Diversity drives innovation and fosters creativity.  This panel will provide an overview of the Kentucky Public Postsecondary Education Policy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, adopted by the Council on Postsecondary Education in 2016.  The policy seeks to continue closing achievement gaps among diverse students and foster inclusive campus environments that graduate individuals ready for work and life in an increasingly diverse, global context. 
    Attendees will receive an overview of the policy and how it aligns with the Commonwealth’s 2030 educational attainment goals.  In addition, attendees will learn how institutions plan to increase the success of diverse students and produce culturally competent graduates.

    Travis Powell, 
    Vice President and General Counsel
    Kentucky Council on Postsecondary EducationDr. Dawn OffuttDirector of Initiatives for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
    Dr. Mordean Taylor-Archer, Vice-Provost, University of Louisville

    Dr.  V. Lynne Holland, Chief Diversity Officer and Dean of Students, Western Kentucky University

    Danielle King, Director of Cultural Diversity, Office of Equity and Inclusion, Hazard Community and Technical College
  • Networking in a PWI

    Join a very frank conversation about the things I’ve learned after working 45 years inside the realm of higher education in Kentucky.  The real rules to success are not in the rule book or the class room.

    Howard Bailey – Retired Vice President of Student Affairs, Western Kentucky University
  •   Innovative Classroom technology for students and faculty

    This teaching, learning and technology workshop will discuss the effective use of technology in the classroom. Faculty and staff will share best practices and offer recommendations to enhance student content mastery, critical reading skills, and develop other strategies for using technology to improve teaching and learning.

    Leonard D. Thomas, Assistant Professor Sociology Department Head Behavioral and Social Sciences Division Jefferson Community & Technical College
12:00pm – 1:15pm             KABHE Luncheon – Greetings from Dr. Ty Handy, President JCTC


1:30pm – 2:30pm                Concurrent Session III

  • Self-Awareness Activates Leadership Potential

    Using the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development curriculum, philosophy, and approach to leadership development, this interactive workshop will inform and support participants who desire to define and/or refine their personal leadership philosophy.  Workshop participants will:
  1. Elevate self-awareness.
  2. Define or refine their personal leadership philosophy.
  3. Enhance enthusiasm and productivity in their personal and professional lives

    Dr. Natalie A. Gibson, System Director of Cultural Diversity Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS
  • Tenure and Promotion: A Journey Worth Taking

    The road to upward mobility in higher education for faculty begins with the pursuit of tenure, also known as job security. In today’s higher education map, however, tenure track positions are hard to find, but the opportunity to move up in faculty rank as a non-tenure track still holds value along the path. This presentation offers guidance and direction on the challenging path of promotion and tenure, as seen through the experiences of faculty and administrators from two-year and four-year colleges. The journey includes a review of the criteria, expectations, and evidence necessary to achieve promotion and/or rank from Lecturer to Full Professor. In addition, effective methods to demonstrate excellence in areas of responsibility and the impact of academic work will be shared.

    Dr. Lucian Yates, III
    , Provost, Kentucky State University
    Dr. Roger Cleveland, Professor
    School of Education Director, Center for Research on the Eradication of Educational Disparities (C.R.E.E.D)
    Marlisa Austin, Professor, QEP Chair, Jefferson Community & Technical College

  • Still I Rise, Keeping My Eye on the Prize, How I Got Over:  Maintaining Momentum and Remaining Focused During Challenging Times

    In order to strengthen all aspects of education, we must support underrepresented populations in navigating through all pathways of education. This session will provide participants with insights into my journey as a Black woman in higher education, including the strategies that helped me to persist during difficult times.

    Dr. LaRaissa Davis-Morris, Admissions Counselor
    Chattahoochee Technical College, Acworth, GA
  • Examining Social Injustices in a Community College ESL Writing Course

    This study sheds light on the academic experiences and challenges of twelve "ESL" students in a community college writing course. Students within the course were asked to complete a questionnaire survey focused on their academic experiences as multilingual writers and submit a literacy narrative that captures their life as a community college student who speaks the English language as a second or additional language. The significance of this research was to examine how literacy narratives evoke self-perceived social injustices as an ESL student in a first-year writing course."

    Dr. Quanisha Charles, English Instructor, Jefferson Community & Technical College

    Jonathan Montgomery, English Instructor, Jefferson Community & Technical College

2:30pm – 2:45pm                 Break

2:45pm – 3:30pm                 Regional Meetings

6:30pm – 8:30pm                 KABHE Awards Banquet
                                            Speaker: Dr. Ricky Jones, Professor - University of Louisville

9:00pm – 11pm                    “Afterglow”

Saturday, April 13

8:30am – 9:30am                 Breakfast

9:30am – 11:00am               Business Meeting

11:00am                               Conference Adjournment

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